From Bobby to Beast: The ‘Animal’ Glow-Up Diary

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Hey, fitness fam! Guess what’s buzzing in the Bollywood fitness universe? It’s Bobby Deol’s jaw-dropping transformation for his latest flick, ‘Animal’. The buzz is real, and here’s the tea on how he achieved that ripped bod that’s got everyone double-tapping!

Four Months of Grinding, No Cheat Days!

Picture this: Four intense months where every drop of sweat counted. Bobby Deol, under the wizardry of fitness maestro Prajwal Shetty, embarked on a transformation journey that was nothing short of epic. The goal? To out-buff Ranbir Kapoor on screen. And boy, did they deliver!

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The Recipe for Success

What does it take to sculpt a physique that steals the spotlight? A cocktail of high-intensity cardio, heavy-duty weightlifting, and a diet so balanced, even the scales of justice would nod in approval. Bobby’s daily grind included an hour of weight training and 40 minutes of heart-pumping cardio sessions, twice a day. Talk about dedication!

Diet: Locked & Loaded

When it comes to transforming your body, diet plays the lead role. Bobby’s menu was a carefully curated mix of proteins, carbs, and fats. Breakfast with eggs, oatmeal for that carb kick, chicken and rice for lunch, and evenings adorned with salads. Dinner? A protein-packed affair with chicken or fish. And sweets? Not on Bobby’s watch! For four long months, he kissed goodbye to his sweet cravings.

Sculpting a Villain

Why all the hustle, you ask? Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga had a vision – Bobby, larger and more imposing than Ranbir. The challenge? Accepted and conquered. Prajwal Shetty, with six years of sculpting Bobby, pushed the limits to achieve a villainous physique that not only matched but surpassed expectations. The result? A body fat percentage that dipped to an impressive 12% and a physique that left the director in awe.

The Social Media Buzz

As the trailer dropped, so did jaws. Bobby’s physique became the talk of the town, or rather, the talk of social media. From a shirtless showdown with Ranbir to dominating the screen with his presence, Bobby’s transformation is a testament to what dedication looks like. Prajwal Shetty, the man behind the magic, couldn’t be prouder. Training Bobby since ‘Race 3’, this transformation was their most ambitious project yet.

The Takeaway

Bobby Deol’s transformation journey for ‘Animal’ isn’t just about achieving a ripped physique. It’s a story of discipline, dedication, and a testament to the power of a focused mind and body. Whether you’re aiming for a transformation or just looking to get fit, remember, it’s the dedication that counts. So, are you ready to embark on your fitness journey? Let Bobby’s story be the motivation you need to push your limits!

Stay tuned for more fitness inspo and remember, the grind never stops!

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